You’re a coach, consultant or an online entrepreneur?
At IMPAKT ACADEMY we help you to boost your online authority. And to scale the unscalable – your personal brand.

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Suck all secrets out of my head!

I’m Benno and I’m your Branding Coach. For 10+ years I run my Branding Agency and I helped 100s of entrepreneurs to build successful brands. I help Coaches and Consultants to grow their Personal Brand online. I think Coaching and Consulting make a big impact. I help you to thrive with your coaching business and you help the world to become a better place!


Expect This!

Within IMPAKT ACADEMY you will learn everything about these essential strategies to build a successful Personal Brand. If you apply them to your Brand you will see massive growth and trust on scale.

Your Brand is more than just a Logo

…and why is your logo still important? What’s the difference between both?

Create your Brand Identity

…and why is it important to have a strong, authentic brand identity?

Define your Brand Values – it’s important!

How do you find your brand values and how do you live and communicate them?

Position Your Brand against competition

How do you become the #1 in the mind of your customers?

Create a Vision for your Personal Brand

A BIG Vision is the strongest motivator – für You AND Your Customers.

Be differentiate from your competition

How can you be different from your competition? How to stick out?

Charge higher prices

Don’t compete in price. Charge what you’re worth charging!

Truly scale your Online-Brand

Strop trading time for money and scale and automate your business.

"Benno helped us to shift our Brand to the next level. Thanks for that - it's always a pleasure to work with him!"

05Stefan Korn – CMO – Upcycling Deluxe GmbH

This is what participants say

“The Workshop with Benno really kicked in! So many topics I always wanted to address. Now I finally took some action and achieved great success for my Personal Brand!”

Mateo Sotomayor

Venture Developer – innogy Innovation Hub

Why do I need an Online Brand?

Personal Branding – Why?

Nowadays everybody has a Personal Brand. Either you are aware of it or not. Branding is the way you show up online, the way you talk about your business, the content you publish on social media, the design and the content of your website, the people you are associated with and so much more… Your brand is about the photos you show, the e-mails you send to your customers; the list is endless. Even when you’re asleep your brand is present, constantly communicating messages to the outside world.

Take the fate of your personal brand in your own hands and start to build and grow it in a creative and determined way!