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Authority Accelerator Program

During this Authority Accelerator Program we create a unique online brand for your coaching or consulting business! From zero to brand within 8 sessions! Kickstart your online brand as a coach or consultant and become the go-to authority in your industry.

Create A Strong Online Brand

A strong online brand brings you tons of value and competitive advantages.

Find & Communicate Your Strengths

Find your unique strengths and set your business ahead of competition.

Attract The Right Customers

Define your target audience and attract the customers you want to work with.

Position Your Brand And Your Services Premium

Only very few entrepreneurs dive into the real magic of branding. Be one of them!

How does it work?

8x Live Sessions – Learn All Strategies!

We work on your most important topics – you receive a video lecture and take part in a live coaching session with me. There are specific tasks for every module. We will work on these tasks together. I will hold you accountable. So you can be sure to really make things happen and to build a successful brand for your coaching or consulting business.

Start The Program

Start the Brand Accelerator Program today – after 8 sessions you will have an authentic and attractive online brand for your coaching or consulting business.

Build Your Brand

Step-by-step we create your brand – together. From idea over strategy to execution and implementation – I’m always by your side!

Scale Your Business

Offer a sustainable transformation for your customers and stop trading time for money. Now you can finally scale your coaching business!

This Is What You Get

Authority Accelerator Program 

The IMPAKT – ACADEMY Authority Accelerator Program is tailor-made for you! Whenever you have time to consum a lecture – do it – and gather new inspiration. A question just comes up to your mind? Post it into the private facebook mastermind group.

Private Facebook Group

You’re member of the Facebook Mastermind Group and part of a strong community.

Brand Always & Everywhere

As long as you’re online you can always work on your online brand.

Use The IMPAKT Content For All Your Future Branding Projects

You can use the content, video lectures etc. for all your future branding projects.

E-Learning Environment

You get access to a high-end e-learning environment. Use the latest technology & have fun while learning. Also accessible via iPhone App.

24/7 Access To Experts

You can write me an E-Mail or ask questions in the facebook group 24/7.

Way Cheaper Than Most Agencies, Coaches and Consultants

For this program you pay only a shortage of what you pay for other agencies or consultants. No 5-figure branding fees!

Online Branding Strategies

I reverse-engineered the  branding strategies of the best entrepreneurs in the game.

Gary Vaynerchuck

The Social Media Badass

Marie Forleo

Female Business Power

Casey Neistat

Worlds Dopest Vloger

The Modules

Kickass Know-How In 
8 Unique Modules.

Running my branding agency for more than 13+ years while consulting for top-nodge entrepreneurs I created an easy step-by-step system to build a successful and authentic online brand. All my know-how is packed into these 8 modules.

Module 1 – Analysis

We analyse the current state of your brand and set goals for the future. 

Module 2 – Identity

We define your values, vision, mission, your “WHY?” and a brand avatar.

Module 3 – Core Offer

Define the transformation you offer to solve the problems of your audience.

Module 4 – Audience

Who are the people you really want to work with? Whos your perfect customer?

Module 5 – Positioning

Differentiate from the competition, create your category and find a niche.

Module 6 – Brand Design

Colors, shapes, images, design – how do you dress and style your brands look?

Module 7 – Storytelling

People love stories! How do you create and tell your brands very own story?

Module 8 – Marketing

How do you structure your programs, how do you market your coachings?

„As an entrepreneur and co-founder of I took part in many workshops and coachings with Benno. Both as a customer and as a partner. The cooperation was always lots of fun, very professional and extremely fruitful. Bennos creativity, his interest in innovation and his gift to always be at the pulse of the time - this is what I really appreciate. Bennos' network is huge - he knows a lot of important players in the game and this helped me a lot."

05Mateo Sotomayor – Upcycling Deluxe GmbH

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8x Coaching Sessions + Videos +  Lectures and Workbook. Pay in 3 Installments.

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8x Coaching Sessions + Videos +  Lectures and Workbook.


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Your Package

Choose your package now! Of course a personal coaching is the best choice. Here you can be 100% sure that your Brand will be a success story! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me!

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