Authority Accelerator Workshop - Lisbon 2019

Learn everything about building a powerful personal brand

Inspiring Talk

You will learn everything about the 7-step brand building framework developed by Benno Sawitzki

Q&A Session

There will be plenty of time to discuss your branding strategy and to meet other participants

Live Training

You will take part in a live training session where we do an exercise about one of the branding modules


This won't be only a talk. This is action mode so there will be definitely an exercise part.

Learn from a top industry expert in brand building

This workshop is all about growing and scaling your personal brand. This is for you if you’re a coach, consultant or service provider or an entrepreneur who’s on a mission to spread his message.

Learn more about our guests

We have gathered the top professionals of the innovation community, to lecture on the hottest topics and most relevant new technologies.

Benno Sawitzki

Hey, I’m Benno. I’m a personal branding consultant, location independent entrepreneur, and an expert in digital marketing. I run my branding & marketing agency for more then 13+ years now and I give regular keynotes at events like the Entrepreneurship Summit, Startup Camp or Music Tech Fest to name a few. I’m inspired by great design, art, music, top-notch entrepreneurs and the latest trends in technology and marketing. I am always in touch with the core of the global digital nomad and entrepreneurship scene. Besides business, I love techno, nature & traveling and all kinds of freaky stuff. So let’s connect!

Ron Godman

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Selina - Secret Garden Lisbon

This workshop will take place at Selina Secret Garden in Lisbon.